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I always have names for future babies since I was a teenager. But to actualy chose for one, I waited till I'm 6th month pregnant and know the gender of my baby. WHen the baby is inside you or your partner'syou will get to know it I don't think it is fair to name a baby before it's even "a glint in it's father's eye" Reply: I usually start naming a baby while I'm pregnant with that baby. But, my last son was to be Zachary and when he was born I changed my mind and named him Jayden Well, I'm not even close to having kids but I DO have an idea about the names.

It's not really something that's important to think Finds local sluts for sex in clayland until you are married and you and your spouse are thinking about kids. When you are thinking about getting married you should problebly be begginning to think about it. When the baby is born you'll know what name to give him or her, I've been thinking about baby names for years, I've got a few in mind, but if when he or she is born, he or she doesn't seem to suit any of the names, then I'll have to think of one that does suit. Well, I think it would probably be good to wait until you are pregnant, so that you and your partner can share in naming the baby. I agree with the first answer Also, it's a good idea to wait until you're ready to have a baby because there is a tendency for new names to become popular fairly often.

Maybe you'll want a unique name--in that case it's a good idea to wait too--to make sure it's not already taken. I had my childrens names picked out when I was I think that if it's on your mind why not make a list. What's the harm in that? Coming up with baby names is fun for me. I picked out my little sister's middle name and it's a source of pride for me. Doesn't matter how old you are or if you're pregnant or not. March a, at I at the Ban - upu ' Ctairt ; anlicitor. Ilaml, Urace - cL rh - atrvet ; o cu i awl.

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The Times from London, Page 6

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